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Innovative Card-less Payment Processing is here, and it is going to change how businesses and customers interact with each other!

Carrying your debit and credit cards everywhere you go is not only an inconvenience but an unnecessary risk in this age of technology. Once you setup your PayByFace account you no longer need to carry your phone, cards or cash anywhere! Simply use our proprietary card-less merchant kiosk device directly at the store and your facial recognition and authentication code will enable real time payment to the merchant. Furthermore, you can create and manage additional users from your primary profile with spend limits and geo parameters that will be a convenience for families and businesses alike. For Tax and reconciliation purposes you will receive a digital copy of your invoice making expense claims and submission easy!  

For the Merchant this cost-effective payment platform which reduces the cost of transacting, ensures secure processing, improves efficiencies and speed of service whilst controlling loss prevention and enhancing the customer journey. The ability to in integrate with existing loyalty programs means that the same convenience experienced with payment processing can be extended and applied when utilizing and redeeming loyalty with the merchant. In additional the paperless transaction will allow your business to make a serious contribution to reducing the carbon footprint and ensuring your operation is responsibly green!

When on-boarding a new customer or re-onboarding an existing one, live streaming technology which provides the securest method for proving the customer is in fact who they say they are is used. PayByFace utilizes advanced bio-metric authentication at every transaction, is also used which for the customer means that their biometrics are encrypted and secured and only utilized for the purpose intended when registering with the PayByFace. The further implementation of a Proof of Life solution offers the best method to stop fraudulent transactions from occurring.

PayByFace is the future and will ultimately become the most secure and convenient means of making and collecting payments!